Why 1%?

From his early teachings, The Maharishi spoke of a peaceful shift that happens when 1% of a population meditates. In 1975, research found a reduction in crime rates in 22 American cities where 1% of their residents practiced Vedic Meditation. During Lebanon's civil war, violence was eliminated in the region where 1% of its people practiced this technique.

Vedic Meditation is the best individual stress release tool there is, and when 1% of your community has greater clarity and happiness, a butterfly effect occurs. Crime rates go down, road rage lessens, kids do better in school. When practiced by 1% of your population, meditation’s individual benefits become profound community service.

Are you interested in meditation, but unsure where to start? Have dabbled but not learned formally? This is your opportunity to learn the technique that benefits you and your community. To honor this collective benefit, we’re offering our meditation course with a Community Discount.

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