Meditation is a great tool for enhancing creativity, and creativity is a great tool for enhancing meditation. I use both to connect people to themselves and each other.

My training is in Vedic Meditation, which is an offshoot of the Transcendental Meditation technique. Meditation help me sleep, lessened my anxiety, and deepens my intuition. It’s been central to my life for 7 years. In 2016 I spent 3 months in India training to be a teacher.

I’m the founder of The 1% Project and Dating & Meditating, formats that use meditation to connect people to themselves and their communities, and in the case of The 1% Project, turn self care into community service. And what could be better than nourishing your community by closing your eyes and taking care of yourself?

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Dating & Meditating connects people through meditation and relationship discussions like dating and money, matriarchy vs monogamy, and psychedelic love. Our guest speakers are entrepreneurs, vegan chefs, dating coaches, and Feng Shui masters. Friendships, romances, and community grow out of our gatherings, and existing relationships are strengthened.

I’m a Beatles scholar whose Meditation Meets the Beatles presentation is a sonic and narrative journey about how The Beatles were the cutting edge of consciousness in the 20th century. I also host regular Silent Disco concerts where we meditate, then boogie on the beach. Beatles Beach Bud, and Vote for Aretha -- a get out the vote fundraiser -- were a blast last year, and David Bowie vs Prince, and Girl Power -- aka: Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Madonna -- are cued up for this season.

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Music, dance, discussion, 1% of our city meditating, are powerful tools to connect us to ourselves and each other. They make the world a happier, more fun place to be.

Which is why I teach meditation, to bring people together.

Hop in, you’ll enjoy the ride.